Symptoms Of A Hernia

In order to find the right treatment for your hernia you first have to know how to spot it. Unfortunately many hernias do not have any symptoms that are associated with them. Still there might be some hints and signs that you will be able to spot and this is going to help you to know what it is you are experiencing. They will be different depending on what type of hernia it is.

Reducible hernia

  • This will often be recognized as a new lump or protrusion that is in the groin or abdominal region.
  • It will create a dull ache that you can feel when you exert yourself or sit down – but it is not tender when you touch it.
  • There might be dull pain associated with the ache – but only after you can see the lump begin to grow.
  • The protrusion will appear bigger when you stand up or when pressure in the abdomen is increased.
  • The protrusion can be pushed back inside.

Irreducible hernia

  • The lump in the groin or abdomen will be so large that you will not have the ability to push it back inside on your own or with the use of a hernia belt.
  • This could be growing without any hint of pain.
  • This can cause a strangulated hernia – which is followed by symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and intense pain.