Recovery From Open Hernia Surgery

A hernia is not necessarily the worst thing that we might have to deal with when it comes to our health – but it can be down right annoying. This protrusion can be so large that we will see it through our skin and other people will see it also. That is why it helps to know the treatments that you can use.

One of the most common treatment that people will use is the open hernia surgery. This is a method that will use mesh to repair the damaged wall of tissue or muscle and help the patients to heal quickly and easily. Before you make the decision to have this done you should know the best way to recover from it and how long it will take. That way you know how long you will have to be off your feet.

Recovery At Home

When the surgery has been completed you will feel minimal discomfort from the numbing agent that is still in your body from the surgery. This will last between 6 to 12 hours. You should try to move around enough to keep your body from getting stiff. Doctors say that after 6 or 7 days of rest you will be able to get back on your feet.

It is going to be easier and cheaper for you to recover when you are at home. Place a pillow under your abdomen to support yourself when you sneeze, cough, or vomit. You are going to be sore and bruised for a few days and maybe even a bit swollen. Remember to stay in bed and allow the stitches to heal.

What To Eat

The first day of recovery will be spent sleeping and eating liquids and soup. It is best to eat these until you feel that your digestive tract has returned to the normal condition. You do not want to eat the wrong food and have to deal with cramps and other stomach problems that can hurt the recovery process.

What NOT To Do

While walking is encouraged, to help blood circulation and increase the healing process, you should not be driving. You will be on medication and the anesthesia is still wearing off, making you a danger behind the wheel.

No exercise is allowed until your doctor says you are ready for it. You can return to work after a week – but do not overdo it. Take it easy and no heavy lifting and try not to stress out.