Hiatal Hernia

The hiatal hernia is the most common of all the hernias that people will experience. This is caused when portions of the stomach are literally pushing up the individual’s diaphragm and through a small opening known as the hiatus. If the hernia is small than there is usually nothing to worry about. In fact most people will never even know that they have it until it starts to become larger and cause problems.

A larger hiatal hernia is something that you need to be concerned with. This will cause a few problems including heartburn and acid reflux. Because the hiatus is the portion of the body in which the esophagus travels through, people with this condition will often experience frequent heartburn and chest pain.


So what causes this problem? It is believed that in certain people the tissue surrounding the diaphragm is weak. When pressure is being placed on the stomach it forces the contents to push through it. Sometimes the tissue can be weakened by injury, surgery, or having an unusually large hiatus.


Small Hiatal Hernia

In the much smaller hiatal hernia there are no signs and symptoms to be had. It is still much too small for you to feel and usually the patient will not know they have it unless the doctor happens to find it while searching for other medical problems.

Large Hiatal Hernia

The most common symptoms that you will experience when the hernia has grown is heartburn, burping, chest pain, nausea, and you will be able to see a lump. It is best to make an appointment with your doctor to have it looked at and to frequently check its progress and growth.