Hernia Belts

There are several different types of hernias that people might suffer from. Some are quite rare and only in occur in babies while others are more common and able to occur in young children as well as adults. One of the most common that people will suffer from is known as the inguinal hernia.

This particular one will create a bulge in the lower abdomen or the pubic area of the body. It is caused when the contents inside of the abdomen and parts of the intestine are thrusting through a weak area in the abdominal wall. The most common treatment would be to have surgery to repair the weak area and to place the contents back where they belong.

However, this does not have to be done immediately. There is another option that you could use known as the hernia belt. This is a type of truss that you must wear – which will help to reduce the hernia. This is only able to be used on people who have a smaller hernia that can easily be pushed back to where it belongs.

The first thing that you will need to do is choose a belt that is going to fit snugly onto your body and that will have the right amount of pads. The pads on the belt will be used to position the bulge and to keep it tightly inside where it belongs. The best way to keep it still is to wear some underwear that will keep it firmly in place.

Most people will choose to wear the wrap around belt. This is worn with a jock strap or with underwear – whichever you feel is more comfortable for you. Just make sure that it is applying just enough pressure to keep the contents inside – but not so much that you feel overly uncomfortable.

Place the pads directly over the hernia in the abdominal wall. Secure the belt against the stomach and make sure that everything is being pushed back inside.