Hernia Recovery

Welcome to the Hernia Recovery blog! Let me preface with my mission statement, which I believe sets up the blog pretty well. I have extensive knowledge about hernias and have helped several friends and loved ones in the recovery process. These articles will hopefully help to supplement the information your doctor has already given you, not replace his advice! Always follow your doctor’s guidelines, as he knows you better than anyone else.

Of course, this isn’t rocket science but taking the proper precautions and recovering from surgery in a safe manner is paramount to staying healthy long term and not suffering more hernias down the road. This especially the case in recovering from abdominal hernias because the risk of getting an incisional hernia is greatly increased without proper healing. This includes taking it easy until fully recovered.

I hope that by reading my articles, you’ll have a better understanding of what lies ahead of you after your damage is repaired and what type of hernia prevention you should be practicing. This is such a painful condition to begin with, and going down the road of experiencing multiple hernias because you haven’t taken care of yourself or you’ve built up excessive scar tissue due to over exertion instead of rest isn’t the best way to go. I can speak from personal experience, you might feel better two weeks later but your body is far from full recovery.

We feel that in order to know how to treat this condition you must also understand what it is, the types of hernias that you might have to deal with, the symptoms of hernias, and how to use a hernia belt before using surgery. This information will give you a better idea of why surgery is going to help in the end and the best way to recover from it.

And of course, for a short disclaimer. I am not a doctor, and I’m not giving you medical advice. What you read here isn’t intended to replace the advice of your physician, and if something he or she says contradicts our advice then obviously you should listed to them. Ony they know your exact condition and which course of treatment and recovery is best for you. I just want to help those looking for a more generalized idea of what to expect during the hernia surgery recovery process.